Rapid shifts in culture, technology, media and politics create deep change in every aspect of our daily lives. The way we think, learn, love, eat and sleep is shaped by innovations that didn’t exist a few years – sometimes months – ago. Every day, this creates unfathomable opportunities.

Human connections have never been as important for understanding ourselves and adapting to change as they are now in this new era of rapid shifts. We dream of a world where technology and culture become intertwined to provide a profoundly human experience.

True leadership, viable transformations and sustainable business all rely on trust. Our mission is to restore the fundamental human elements of connection and trust between people. We partner with our clients to create valuable and effective communications. Trust is influence.


Benevolence is our most important value and an absolute necessity in a world shaken up by new technologies. JIN helps its employees advance professionally in an open, inclusive environment that is the foundational stone on which the company has built the success it shares with its employees, partners, and clients.

Personal Accountability

Individual responsibility and autonomy are the founding principles of JIN. Freedom to act is a key factor in promoting a thriving, successful company. We believe that solid teamwork depends on having independent, accountable individuals who are fully focused on the success of their projects and clients.


In a time of rapidly occurring change, having a thirst for knowledge and information is essential. It is the key to successfully serving our clients, inventing never-before-seen communication tools, and helping our clients innovate.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

JIN was founded by entrepreneurs in the spirit of excellence and independence. Our motivation lies in the desire to break boundaries. Our work is characterized by our constant quest for innovation, efficiency, and pragmatic solutions.


We always seek excellence and operational efficiency. We strive to be the best in our field, namely public relations and digital influence, to be able to make a profound, quantifiable, and sustainable impact on our clients’ businesses.

Edouard Fillias
CEO & Co-founder
Alexandre Villeneuve
Chief Performance & Co-founder
Patrick Bonin
Managing Director Group
Eliott Maidenberg
Head of Strategy & Partner
Merve Liebelt
VP Group & Managing Director JIN Germany
Augustin Leclerc
Deputy General Manager & Partner
Lucile Le Barillier
Head of Creative Team
Paul Védrine
Group Finance Planning and Analysis
Alexandre Fontana
Senior Advisor
Anne-Sophie Gentil
Financial Communications
Bernard Michel
Senior Advisor
Rum Ekhtiar
US PR/Strategic consultancy
JIN is based in France, the UK, Germany, Iberia and the US, with a global reach across over 40 countries.


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