Because journalists are still the best way for brands to make themselves known to the general public, our teams can help you with your media relations issues, from the definition of a strategy to operational management.

To announce a product launch, enter a new market or relay a new positioning, JIN helps you develop a sharp PR strategy. Thanks to our privileged links with journalists from the specialised or general public press, we have all the resources necessary to insert our clients into a more or less complex media space.

Drafting press releases, briefing journalists, responding to journalists within 24 hours, setting up advertising agencies, weekly calls, monitoring and reporting, etc. Our consultants are at your side to manage the operational side of things proactively and reactively, just like a modern press office. Our press relations methodology has already enabled a food industry player to take its product to the top of the sales charts, six months after its launch in France, thanks to placements in media with a very high audience.

Crisis is a defining moment in the life of any brand. As long as the company is well prepared and organized, it can be an opportunity for progress, including for the brand's image. JIN has significant experience assisting brands and organizations in crisis, both on the internet and among stakeholders, including opinion leaders, communities, and the media. We combine our expertise, media relations, digital knowledge, public affairs skills, and our great reactivity and availability for our clients to best serve them.


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