To successfully build influence, analyzing the context is key. This means listening to conversations, understanding trends, and identifying those who orient and shape opinions. This information then becomes the foundation of the decision-making process.


Analyze your brand image and understand your communities


Identify the key influencers (essential partners)


Understand and follow trends, emerging issues, and potential crises throughout the year


Identify performance indicators and improve your visibility on social media

This involves a 360° audit of the brand’s or person's reputation, digital presence, selected interviews and press information, and an opinion poll if necessary. This image audit helps build an effective strategy.
The elements for analysis include : Visibility and SEO, understanding the message and user journey, digital conversations, involvement and performance of communication channels, competition.

JIN’s Jervis solution, a data analysis technology and service, is available to help monitor and analyze communities in order to better understand how they perceive your brand and your conversations, and to target specific communities to promote your visibility.

Clients have access to alerts, weekly or daily newsletters, and monthly monitoring reports as well as having first-hand access to the Jervis tool (which scours 80,000 publications and all social networking sites in real time).

We create a map of influencers to help understand the context of a conversation, pinpoint key personalities and their preferred subjects and help identify the ambassadors a brand can rely on. We then determine and assess detractors on social networks, forums, blogs, press and video platforms.
Depending on the customers we use the most suitable technology, our Jervis tool, but also Zine and Julius.

To narrow down the brand's audience on the internet, a “digital persona” is a valuable tool. It is a typical profile with a set of characteristics (gender, age, status, motivations, obstacles to purchasing) that helps a brand better understand the characteristics of an entire audience. The goal is to better understand the target audience to create appropriate tools and editorial strategies.

We provide our customers with a quantitative analysis of their audience using sociodemograhpic data along with a qualitative analysis that includes areas of interest and reasons for purcashing. We then create four or five digital personas for the brand's audience and provide recommendations for a targeted audience approach.


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Performance Analysis
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Influencer Mapping

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