Reputation is vital to people and brands alike. Trust, which is the foundation of any recommendation, is now built over the internet—as long as you’re doing the right thing.


the company’s dynamics and the importance of its mission


your leaders’ biographies and make them natural spokespeople for the company’s mission


the company relevant on social media and search engines

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trust-based relationships with trend-setters, journalists, web experts and civil servants

Digital reputation is an essential part of the work JIN does. In fact, building a well-managed digital identity in line with the organization's ambitions is a central step in image building. JIN monitors all facets of online reputation for our clients.

Digital public affairs is a powerful tool for increasing visibility and name recognition, both for public decision-makers and general opinion. Mobilizing a tide of opinion and informing decision-makers are both made easier by digital technologies and the tools they offer.
Through the knowledge it has gained working on several election campaigns and many public affairs and lobbying issues, JIN has developed a unique expertise combining traditional and digital skills in public affairs.

Slowly but surely, financial communication is starting to shift as a result of social media, as well as the emergence of forums and specialized sites and mobile apps which are playing a more central role in our daily lives. In a fraction of a second, a company can undergo impressive stock price changes due to information published on social media or conversations on online forums.

This raises the question of a company's digital storytelling. It is the beginning of a new relationship between the investor and shareholder, whether that be through a calm and open dialogue or a direct challenge, as illustrated by the rise of shareholder activism. In these new financial strength reports, the spread of digital information at the right time and in the right place is key.

1. Maps of opinion leaders.
2. Strategy for digital presence regarding financial communication.
3. Editorial content creation.
4. Mobilization of influencers, media, civil society, and experts.

Crisis is a defining moment in the life of any brand. As long as the company is well prepared and organized, it can be an opportunity for progress, including for the brand's image. JIN has significant experience assisting brands and organizations in crisis, both on the internet and among stakeholders, including opinion leaders, communities, and the media. We combine our expertise, media relations, digital knowledge, public affairs skills, and our great reactivity and availability for our clients to best serve them.


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