To announce a new product, enter new markets or communicate on a new positioning, we help you develop social media strategies, including the choice of platforms, the definition of key messages and the management of editorial planning.

We work with many corporate communication clients to define an effective editorial strategy on their social platforms. Our teams accompany them from the choice of platforms and messages to the publication and analysis of results using the most advanced tools. We have already enabled our clients to increase the size of their community on Twitter and LinkedIn by up to four times.

Social media audiences expect brands to demonstrate usefulness, engagement and authenticity. JIN offers a social media coaching model based on positive influence, not interruption marketing:

  • Affinity, engagement and useful content strategy: desirable content

  • Careful targeting of advertising, as opposed to spamming

  • A smooth conversion path for the consumer

We have delivered for our clients a doubling of online sales and an ROI of x3.7 per euro invested on Social Commerce campaigns.

Particularly close to their community, influencers now share more details about their personal lives and the products that make their lives better. JIN can help you create a customised influencer campaign and help you find your winning formula. Our influencer marketing methodology has already enabled a herbal medicine specialist to get over 3 million impressions in 3 months thanks to a campaign with macro-influencers, and to sell out the entire e-commerce stock of a leading lighting company during a Christmas campaign.


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