eBook | C-Level : Embrace a new kind of leadership

Published on 15/04/2019

The various crises in contemporary society have shaken consumer confidence across industries and governments. Businesses must reconcile their objectives with a meaningful mission for society. This mission must be embodied in the leader’s words and actions to be the true ambassador for the organisation and a voice for the vision of the future. In this white paper, you will discover the methodology proposed by JIN to support leaders in response to these contemporary changes, from positioning, to managing your digital footprint and building a network of allies.

The need for a new leadership

Leadership is more complex today because it is shaken by the global crises and transformations of advanced globalization. The leader is invited to reshuffle his cards on the chessboard of representations by proposing new managerial configurations, new forms of exchange, innovative economic strategies and contemporary values. They must therefore go beyond the "simple" economic vocation of the company and provide a clear vision of the economy they intend to propose in order to renew yesterday's capitalism.

Taking an interest in the position of the "leading group" of a company means integrating a complex environment to help management respond quickly and coherently to a state of turbulence, to the phenomenon of accelerated innovation, to the entry into an era of collectives. The context of persistent mistrust since the 2008 crisis towards all forms of governance today imposes on all companies the duty to take a position in the current crises and transformations (societal, environmental, technological...)

This means making commitments, choosing cross-sector partnerships, building a network of business ecosystems that are useful for new business objectives, and establishing a unique relationship with different communities (consumers, customers, media, etc.).

It also means understanding that with the arrival of digital technology and social networks, the 21st century leader is on the front line. The notion of e-leadership - a process by which influence is mediated by technology and social networks - is therefore at the heart of the response. As the first window on the world, the web, and by extension web 2.0, is becoming the leader's tool par excellence to install, embody and control the company's response to the vision and values it wishes to bring.

It means transforming the "management group" into a media with an editorial line and a specific audiences. Accompanying an executive means working on the executive's online reputation and building his or her reference leadership to serve the company's business.

JIN has developed a methodology to support executives in France, Europe and worldwide in building a solid and sustainable leadership. This white paper aims to present JIN's vision and to propose levers to build a new leadership.

eBook : C-level reputation
Embracing a new kind of leadership
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